Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day y'all!  I tried to convince momma dat we should sell-a-brate Earth Day wif some bacon, but apparently it are some obnockshus lil dog's birfday tomorrow and we are havin bacon then to sell-a-brate that.  Well, I guess she are good for somefin after all.

Crockett didn't give y'all a razz today - but, wait for it . . .

Angelique stepped out to da tongue-tactic plate wif a razz of her own!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Flowers for Dory

Today we are celebratin da life of our pal Dory.  Dory wuz a speshul lil pup and she luved flowers, so I are posin wif dese orchids.  Around here, dere are tons of flowers inside and outside.

Crockett posed wif da orchids too.  Angelique wuz not nearly as cooperative, MOL!  Anyways, we're all gonna miss ya Dory.  Your cute lil face shure brightened up da whole bloggin world.  Sendin purrs and luv to your family.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thoroughly Poetical Thursday

Well, today I continued to let my stomach inspire me for today's poem - even if Sossidge Day happens on Fridays.  What can ya say, I get hungry early . . .

Sossidge by Travis Ford

Oh momma, ya know how I luvs da meats-a
So pretty please when you's makin da pizza
Give a lil bit of sossidge to da cat
I'll be so grateful, I'll stop bein a brat
Since you're weird and like your pizza wif just cheeze
Gimme some of da udder peep's sossidge please
I'll be so happy, I'll headbonk you and purr
Sossidge are tasty, me and Crockett concur!

Angelique usually misses out on pizza nite sossidge - dat's what she gets for hangin out in her room all da time.

What can ya say, it's just a Friday nite sossidge pawty wif me and Crockett.  MOL MOL!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter y'all!!!

Ya'd think pork-luvin kittehs such as ourselves would get Easter ham, right????  Unfortunately, da peeps here don't do a big Easter dinner - dey just duz brunch and den dey eats candy.  So no big Easter ham.  At least we got crab last nite when my momma made up da crabcakes for brunch and she claims dere are ham in da fridge for sammiches and dat we might get some later.  I think dis whole thing sounds like a rip-off.

Hope ya get more ham dan we did today!   Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thoroughly Poetical Thursday

Well, it are almost Easter, so I got all seasonally inspired to write today's poem . . . 

Rabbit by Travis Ford

It is almost Easter time and I'm in the habit
Of starin out the window, lookin for that rabbit
I see dat guy wif his big ears and round fluffy tail
He are gettin ready to hop down da bunny trail
Da Easter bunny, he brings all kinds of tasty treats
But for me Mr. Rabbit, time to bring on da meats
I don't need chocolate and eggs, a pork-lover I am
So please Mr. Easter Bunny, don't forget da ham!

We all wore our Easter bandanas today - we are ready for a visit from dar Mr. Rabbit!